Our Goals

Our vision, mission, values and business goals

In 2018, Scotland Excel published a five year strategy developed to support our members in meeting the challenges facing local government and the wider public sector. Our strategy comprises four key business goals, guided by our vision, mission and values, and supported by annual operating plans.


To provide innovative, transformative solutions for local and national public services across Scotland.


To make the most of our strategic procurement expertise and our experience of developing collaborative solutions which support better outcomes for Scotland’s people and communities through early intervention and the delivery of sustainable public services.


  • Professional 
    We establish goals and objectives to achieve excellence and demonstrate leadership in everything we do.
  • Courageous
    We achieve the best possible outcomes through our determination, resilience and innovation.
  • Respectful
    We listen with an open mind and respond honestly and constructively.
  • Integrity 
    We are transparent and fair in all our actions securing trust and building confidence.

Business Goals

Goal 1: Shaping solutions for innovative public services

  • Deliver a programme of collaborative procurement to support early intervention and the delivery of public services
  • Deliver programmes which lead and develop professional, organisational and commercial capability
  • Harness the potential of digital technology and data insight to support the delivery of public services
  • Use our insightand experience to shape policy and meet the challenges of future public service delivery 

Goal 2: Being sustainable in everything we do

  • Deliver positive and measurable social value through our contracts
  • Deliver positive and measurable local impact through SME and third sector participation in our contracts
  • Deliver positive and measurable environmental benefits through our contracts
  • Lead and develop sustainable procurement knowledge and practice

Goal 3: Placing people at the heart of our business

  • Ensure our customers continue to receive maximum value from our services
  • Engage stakeholders in the delivery of effective local solutions
  • Represent the collective views of stakeholders at a national level
  • Implement policies which develop, empower, value and engage our workforce

Goal 4: Driving sustainable and scalable growth

  • Implement a new governance model which supports scalable business growth
  • Continue to maintain a robust business infrastructure to support our growth ambitions
  • Use our knowledge and insight to identify new services and/ or sectors which provide growth opportunities
  • Explore opportunities to work with partners on the development and delivery of new business opportunities

Download our corporate strategy to find out more about our business goals

Corporate Strategy