Our Goals

Our vision, mission, values and business goals

In 2023, Scotland Excel published a five year strategy developed to support our members in meeting the challenges facing local government and the wider public sector. Our strategy comprises five key corporate goals, guided by our vision, mission and values, and supported by annual operating plans.


To provide collaborative, innovative and transformative solutions that support social, economic and environmental wellbeing.


We will make the most of our expertise and experience by leading and collaborating on solutions that support local and national aims for fairer, wealthier and greener communities.


  • Professional 
    We establish goals and objectives to achieve excellence and demonstrate leadership in everything we do.
  • Courageous
    We achieve the best possible outcomes through our determination, resilience and innovation.
  • Respectful
    We listen with an open mind and respond honestly and constructively.
  • Integrity 
    We are transparent and fair in all our actions securing trust and building confidence.


Through our experience, expertise, innovation and collaboration, we will create and deliver solutions which provide value to our members across key strategic areas:

  • Journey towards a net zero Scotland.
  • Drive for efficiency to support the financial sustainability of local public service.
  • Community wellbeing with equal access to services, economic development and fair work jobs.
  • Resilient supply chains that maximise opportunities for Scottish businesses and the third sector.
  • Advancement of skills to deliver Scotland’s economic transformation.

Download our corporate strategy to find out more about our corporate goals

Corporate Strategy