25 October 2023

Expert support delivered for Dundee City Council's procurement team

Scotland Excel assisted with a range of sourcing requirements for hosting 'Radio One Big Weekend'


Scotland Excel’s Flexible Procurement Team have been delivering procurement services on behalf of Dundee City Council since March 2022. This work has helped deliver goods, services and works within various areas of the council including economic development, qualification training, information technology, construction and health & safety.


We were approached by the City Council’s procurement manager late in January 2023 to assist them in sourcing a variety of requirements related to Dundee’s hosting of “Radio One’s Big Weekend” at the end of May. As we had an ongoing relationship with Dundee City Council procurement team, they asked us to deliver procurement for the Events Team directly to ensure contracts were put in place to meet the complex and time-sensitive requirements of this event

What we did

The Events Team initially provided us with a list of 13 different tendering requirements. We were provided with information relating to delivery dates, quantities and budget along with a brief description of the requests. In some instances, potential suppliers had been identified, for others Scotland Excel had to conduct market research to determine what was available to the council.
We then established the exact specification for each requirement. Significant market engagement was undertaken due to the dates for delivery and set up. During this process the Scotland Excel team helped further develop the specification, ensuring the council had exactly what it needed for the event.

For example, contracts which had begun as the supply of a particular item evolved to include the supply, installation and dismantling of the item. In other instances, through critical questions and market input, we helped the council ensure suitable power sources were included where necessary to enable continuity and functionality at the event.

Throughout this period, we delivered weekly updates to the Events Team to keep them apprised of developments, exchange ideas on how to progress more challenging elements and ensure the deadline would be met.


The Flexible Procurement Team carried out nine procurement exercises on behalf of Dundee City Council, procuring the wide range of hire items needed for the smooth operation of a large-scale outdoor event. This occurred at a time when the City Council’s Procurement Team did not have the resources to manage the event’s tight deadline. The Flexible Procurement Team’s knowledge, experience, and communication skills ensured all requirements were fully met on time, thus contributing to Dundee City Council’s successful hosting of this major event.