18 March 2022

Russia invasion of Ukraine: Supply chain review

Scotland Excel is reviewing its supply chain following the Scottish Government asking for economic ties to be cut with Russia.

The Scottish Government has published an open letter, asking the country’s businesses to cut economic ties with Russia, following its invasion of Ukraine.

The letter from Finance and Economy Secretary, Kate Forbes, was published on 3 March, and was then highlighted in a PCS alert on the 4 March - meaning it has been directed to both the business community and public sector buyers.

Scotland Excel’s Chief Executive, Julie Welsh, has written to all 32 Scottish councils to update them on this, and to let them know the organisation is reviewing its supply base, with a view to ensuring no economic links to Russian businesses.

Julie Welsh said: “Scotland Excel has reviewed our first tier of suppliers and have found no direct links to either Russian or Belarusian businesses. 

“We are using similar methods as used to assess supply chain resilience and risk in the period before the UK left the EU and during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The next tranche of checks is focusing on the supply chains of our suppliers to gain understanding of any remaining business links.”

The full letter from Kate Forbes can be read here: Scottish Government open letter.