2 September 2022

National Care Service Bill: More details needed on the future of care commissioning

Scotland Excel responds to the call for views, seeking clarification in key areas

Scotland Excel is seeking clarity over the future of national and local social care commissioning in its response to the call for views on the National Care Service Bill.

The Bill was published on 21 June 2022 to allow Scottish Ministers to transfer social care responsibility from local authorities to a new, national service.

As Scotland Excel oversees national social care commissioning and procurement on behalf of councils – we are keen to see clarity over future roles and responsibilities for national and local commissioning.

Julie Welsh, Scotland Excel’s Chief Executive, said: “Scotland Excel fully supports the national aspirations of improving social care services in Scotland and we are committed to supporting the Scottish Government on this.

“For more than 10 years, we have delivered national social care arrangements in collaboration with the wider sector, and national care commissioning on behalf of councils – and HSCPs and this is a key strategic function for us, covering both adult social care and children’s services.

“Social care commissioning is a specialist role, requiring a clear understanding of the complex social care markets in Scotland. We have the benefit of years of learning and our teams have forged close links with key stakeholders including provider representative groups, local commissioners and social work teams.

“The future of commissioning arrangements is hugely important, and we’re keen to have more information about this. We firmly believe Scotland Excel is best placed to continue in this role and we’re keen to support the development of the NCS going forward. By working together with the Scottish Government, Scotland Excel can build on the success of the current models we have in place.”

Scotland Excel is keen to build on the good work we have established in national procurement and commissioning together with local commissioners and providers.

Our care contracts not only support the principles set out in the Feeley Review recommendations but ensure best practice and compliance with procurement legislation. They also provide benefits including national ethical standards, terms and conditions, sustainable rates, increased transparency, national market oversight and accountability to the sector.

We have responsibility for national commissioning and procurement activity for:

• Secure care
• Fostering and continuing care
• Children’s residential care and education (including day education)
• Community meals
• Telecare and telehealth
• Social care case management software systems
• Care and support (including both care at home and supported living services)
• Care homes for adults with learning disabilities (including autism)
• The National Care Home Contract
• Social care agency workers

In our response to the Bill, we are seeking further information on:

• Whether Scotland Excel will continue to deliver national care arrangements.
• Which parts of commissioning will be delivered nationally and locally.
• Clarity over roles and responsibilities at a local and national level.
• What the future governance models will be and how they will link to the robust governance already in place.
• How this will link with current and planned legislation.

You can read our full response from the link below: