19 April 2023

Building Construction Consultancy framework goes live

The 14-lot first generation framework consists of mostly Scottish businesses

Eighty one Scottish businesses have secured a place on Scotland Excel’s first ever collaborative framework for building construction consultancy services.

A total of 93 UK suppliers – 62 of which are SMEs – have joined the Scotland Excel framework, that is expected to be worth £100m over a four-year term. (The framework will run for an initial two years with the potential to extend for a further 24 months).

It will support councils, housing associations and other public bodies to source the wide range of construction related professional services needed for all the phases of a building life cycle including planning and design.

During the tender process, the lots were divided into eight regions, meaning suppliers could opt to offer for one, some or all regions. This approach was taken to boost participation from local SMEs.

The framework’s 14 lots are:
• Architecture
• Civil and structural engineering
• Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering
• Quantity surveying
• In house multi disciplinary
• Architect led multi disciplinary
• Conservation architecture
• Clerk of works
• Project management
• Landscape architecture
• CDM advice
• Master planning
• Environmental engineering
• Building surveying

Following the launch of Scotland Excel’s New Build Residential Construction (NBRC) framework in 2019, there has been a growing demand from councils to deliver a consultancy framework to support the NBRC framework.

The new framework joins Scotland Excel’s specialist construction portfolio which offers a suite of frameworks for other building construction works, such as demolition, asbestos removal and energy efficiency contractors.