Alcoholic beverages

Framework No: 0119

About this framework

Framework period: 1 August 2019 until 31 July 2022 (with extension options to 31 July 2023)

Scotland Excel’s Alcoholic Beverages Framework provides members with a variety of alcoholic and associated beverages including draught and packaged beer and cider, wines, spirits, ready to drink alcoholic beverages (RTD’s) and soft drinks and mixers. Members using this framework are local authorities who will facilitate events e.g. the Edinburgh festival and / or civic sites in which they operate their own bar facilities.

As with all our frameworks, this contract was developed in close consultation with stakeholders. It is fully compliant with all legislative requirements and offers social, economic and environmental benefits in line with Scotland Excel’s sustainable procurement approach.


  • Products manufactured come from sustainable, reliable, and approved sources.
  • The recommended supplier, Tennent Breweries, offers a selection of valuable products needed by members.
  • Tennent Breweries pays the Real Living Wage.
  • Tennent Breweries is committed to providing Community Benefits.
  • Community benefits provided by the supplier are sponsorship of local sports teams (unbranded kits) or community events.
  • Another community benefit provided is sessions within the Tennents training academy.
  • Reducing environmental impacts is a key priority of the framework and supplier.
  • Tennent Breweries commissioned the use of an Anaerobic Digestion plant in May 2019.
  • The digestion plant will use generated effluent at site and contribute towards heating the plant and reducing utility usage.
  • Tennent Breweries ensures to use recyclable packaging and waste.
  • Tennent Breweries will use route planning technologies to decrease mileage.
  • Euro 6 standard vehicles will be used for deliveries.


Tennent Caledonian Breweries Wholesale Limited


The alcoholic beverages framework is available to all Scotland Excel local authorities and associate members.

Further information on Scotland Excel’s alcoholic beverages framework is available in our members area.

If you are not yet a member, and would like to know more about the framework, please contactus.