Washroom solutions

Framework No: 3217

About this framework

Framework period: 8 January 2018 until 7 January 2022

Scotland Excel’s washroom solutions framework provides members with a variety of items and services including sanitary waste disposal; nappy waste disposal; sanitisers; air fresheners, sharps disposal and medical waste disposal and the provision of sanitary products.

Members using this framework are schools, nurseries, leisure centres, community centres, social work, council buildings and civic centres. The framework incorporates the Scottish Government’s promise of encouraging self-respect to women by offering free sanitary protection to students who are in education.

As with all our frameworks, this contract was developed in close consultation with stakeholders. It is fully compliant with all legislative requirements and offers social, economic and environmental benefits in line with Scotland Excel’s sustainable procurement approach.


  • Washroom Solutions was developed to allow all 32 local authorities in Scotland to utilise the framework.
  • Framework provides full geographical coverage for all members.
  • 83% of suppliers are SMEs.
  • Suppliers are committed to providing community benefits
  • When members reach high annual spend limits with a supplier they will accumulate “Community Benefit Points”.
  • Suppliers provide fair work practices to all their staff.
  • 100% of suppliers pay Real Living Wage.


Co-An UK Ltd

Greenleaf Hygiene Solutions (Scotland) Ltd

Rentokil Initial Services Limited t/a Initial Washroom Hygiene

Co-An UK Ltd

Hey Girls CIC

Rentokil Initial Services Limited t/a Initial Washroom Hygiene


The washroom solutions framework is available to all Scotland Excel local authorities and associate members.

It is particularly relevant for members operating within the following sectors:

  • Care
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Leisure

Key Facts

The Washroom Solutions framework objectives are to increase partnership, encourage and provide greater value. It has a variety of advantages such as price stability, sustainability, and community benefits. Also, an offer from a Scottish Social Enterprise for Lot 2 was acknowledged. The company promotes social and ethical accountability by giving environmentally friendly sanitary products women supported group, foodbanks etc. They work along side a company called Haven who support them by quality checking their products and help with distributing any donations received all over the UK.

Further information on Scotland Excel’s washroom solutions framework is available in our members area.

If you are not yet a member, and would like to know more about the framework, please contactus.