13 September 2023

Going above and beyond on accommodation project

GavHas delivers ahead of schedule and under budget


Scotland Excel’s third generation Domestic Furniture and Furnishings framework gives Scottish councils a convenient route to market for purchasing a wide range of domestic furniture and furnishings.

Lot 1 was structured to allow councils to implement a ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to furnishing accommodation. Microbusiness GavHas is one of the suppliers to Lot 1.

The project

Among its many successful projects delivered through the framework, GavHas took on a priority requirement for Scotland Excel member, East Dunbartonshire Council. It was for a block of accommodation to be cleaned, fully furnished, and made ready to house families fleeing war-torn Ukraine.

Having successfully worked with GavHas before, the council awarded a contract to them for a temporary accommodation facility in Drymen.

The remit required GavHas to source, deliver and install hardwearing, durable furniture and furnishings, while meeting the high standard of quality and safety that the framework demands.

Going above and beyond

As the range of items required was outside the core list specifications of the framework, GavHas had to undertake a task that was much more complex than the usual procurement ‘call off’. Despite being a small company, GavHas felt they had the skill and capacity to deliver the project on time and within budget.

GavHas presented the furniture options, colour swatches, fabric samples and their vision of how the homes should look through a mood board. The council team were highly impressed by the level of detail.

The company not only wanted the aesthetics of the property to look modern and welcoming, but to have a real practical function to support communal living. They met with some families that had settled in Scotland to hear their experience of coming to a new country.

GavHas went above and beyond with focus groups and research along with the homeless prevention team at East Dunbartonshire Council to make this a flagship project to showcase to the rest of the country.


The project was delivered a month ahead of schedule and under budget. The temporary accommodation has housed 14 Ukrainian families since January 2023, and has now become a first stop for settlement which gives a sense of community before moving the families into more permanent housing.

Working within a very tight timescale, GavHas met and exceeded the expectations of East Dunbartonshire Council and the families housed at this bespoke accommodation.

GavHas delivered to a high standard and continue to work on the project through monthly cleaning services and refreshing rooms when people are given their permanent offer of housing.
Also, through its overall success on the framework, GavHas has expanded to 25 employees.