13 March 2023

Our housing services manager Colin Taylor speaks at the SFHA Development Conference

Colin talks about our new Continuous Improvement Programme for Procurement (CIPP) for housing associations

What will you be discussing at the conference? 

I will be providing an overview of the Continuous Improvement Programme for Procurement (CIPP) that most delegates will know better as “PCIP”.

Scottish Government now require all housing associations to participate in a programme of continuous improvement as a condition of grant funding, so it was important that the name for this programme reflected the ethos of the latest process and guidance.

I will discuss the programme aims, what will be required from the participants and to provide guidance on how to get ready for the day.

The Continuous Improvement Programme for Procurement is now a mandatory requirement of grant funding for new supply. What does this mean for housing associations?​ 

I passionately believe that this should be seen as an opportunity for housing associations.

The sector faces many challenges and the need to achieve compliant procurement solutions that deliver value for money has never been greater. Procurement can be an enabler and the CIPP assessment provides that valuable support to associations by helping to identify savings, develop procurement capability and identify other social, economic and environmental benefits. The CIPP should be embraced as a transformational undertaking that benefits the whole organisation. Output from CIPP can facilitate good practice and highlight areas for further improvement.   

How can Scotland Excel help housing associations meet the new grant funding requirements?

Through our Continuous Improvement Programme for Procurement (CIPP), we can work with housing associations to help them meet the new requirements for grant funding.

Over the past decade, we’ve implemented an evidence-based assessment tool that develops procurement capability, identifies financial savings opportunities, and focuses in on the additional social, economic and environmental benefits that can be delivered for communities through procurement projects. Our experience of providing procurement assessments and improvement programmes for Scotland’s housing associations puts Scotland Excel in a unique position to get them through the process with little fuss.

For more information on Scotland Excel’s Continuous Improvement Programme for Procurement (CIPP), or to arrange a session for your organisation, please contact housing@scotland-excel.org.uk